Matt Quackenbush, LCSW



Matt Quackenbush, LCSW, runs a private practice in Lehi, Utah. Working with families, children, and individuals who need to move through past trauma and better understand themselves. He is also Lead Therapist at Deer Hollow Recovery and Wellness, a residential treatment center focusing on the treatment of PTSD and addiction in Salt Lake City, UT. Matt is also the host of the Finding Strength Podcast. A weekly podcast that focuses on creating a conversation and busting through the myths and stigmas that surround mental health. Each week Matt and his co-host Bethany Tenney share interviews, information, tools, and stories that create vulnerability and connection like no Podcast has done before. Matt has over a decade of experience in the mental health and substance-abuse arena, and supports healing in the clients he serves from a trauma focused, client centered, and family systems approach.

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