Category: Mental Health

The Sadness Stigma

Stigmas shape culture and belief. Stigma, is a mark of disgrace or shame associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. In the case of “Mental Health” the stigma is clear. Most people seem to believe some who is “mentally ill” has a broken… Continue Reading “The Sadness Stigma”

Shame, We All Have It, We Don’t Really Understand It

“Shame is the intensely painful feeling that we are unworthy of love and belonging.” -Brene Brown. We struggle, as human beings, to define shame and more importantly to understand it. Most people believe shame is something completely different than it really is. Basically, shame… Continue Reading “Shame, We All Have It, We Don’t Really Understand It”

Compassion and Mercy

I was recently introduced to the work of Bryan Stevenson. He is a well known attorney, he represents people who are on Death Row. He sees humans at their darkest, in the very depths of despair and sorrow. The concept of mercy is profound.… Continue Reading “Compassion and Mercy”

“Brighton” Someone’s Life

Sometimes I’m just confused by the way the World works. Is anyone else there with me? It just doesn’t make sense. I look around me and see much goodness and so much sadness as well. It all just seems so random and unfair. Good,… Continue Reading ““Brighton” Someone’s Life”

Recommended Reads

I often get asked about books that I have found to be helpful. The following is a list of books that somehow or another have found a way into my life that I continue to return to often. (This list excludes religious cannon) Whether… Continue Reading “Recommended Reads”

Suicide, why are we so quiet?

This past year I attended several funerals for friends who have taken their own lives. The most recent was the fifth I’ve been to in the last two years. As well, a good friend of my wife’s took her own life not too long… Continue Reading “Suicide, why are we so quiet?”

How Do I Help Someone Who is Struggling?

Imagine you are sitting alone in your room and it is dark. You’re not exactly happy in the dark, but you’re content. As you’ve sat in the darkness, your eyes have adjusted to it and eventually you’ve become accustomed to it. The darkness is… Continue Reading “How Do I Help Someone Who is Struggling?”

Anxiety, It Doesn’t Have to Cripple You

ANXIOUS AMERICA In my practice I run into a couple of issues more frequently than others. One of those issues is anxiety. It seems that the Americans of today are programmed to operate just a little more on edge than those of generations past.… Continue Reading “Anxiety, It Doesn’t Have to Cripple You”

Feel This, Not That

THE SOCIAL MEDIA FACADE When you open social media these days what do you see? I’ll tell you what I see… I see a whole lot of happy people. Their lives look fantastic, and if I do some “measuring up” I begin to feel… Continue Reading “Feel This, Not That”


“I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love bubbles.” – Pete (Paul Rudd), in the film Knocked Up. Bubbles are a fascinating thing. They live in suspended animation for these fleeting moments. Moments, that bring joy to the hearts of all… Continue Reading “Bubbles”