First Responder Resources

First Responder Resources

For many years I have been an advocate for change in the First Responder community. I have spoken boldly that major reform is necessary. Below are links to published studies, podcasts, and presentations that provide an introduction to the broad body of research that is currently being amassed so that change can happen. We are losing too many of our friends and family to suicide. Something must be done. And I am willing to do whatever it takes.  – Matt

If you are interested in having Matt come to your organization and provide training or if you have questions please contact us. He is currently traveling the country with Ret. Officer Jared Nesary and Deer Hollow Recovery providing trainings, education, and presentations for police departments, city governments, fire departments, corrections facilities, and anyone else who is interested. The trainings are being highly praised and becoming local and national news. At the bottom of the links section we have included links to a few news articles about the trainings.

Making Sense of PTSD Slides

Behind the Badge Presentation Slides

1st RC Coeur d’Alene Idaho Presentation

The Morning Routine

What to do After a Stressful Event

Ruderman White Paper

PTSD Impacts Police Decision MakingUSDOJ Article

Suicide Statistics from First H.E.L.P.

Understanding the Impact of Corrections Officer Suicide Article

Breaking the Silence: First Responder Trauma Narratives Paper

2019 Police Executive Research Forum Report: Workforce Crisis

Finding Strength Podcast Trauma 101

No Fights Alone Podcast with Matt Quackenbush and Jordan Lee

Finding Strength Podcast with Jared Nesary and Jordan Lee of Deer Hollow Recovery

Finding Strength Podcast with Chief Jeremy Craft

Finding Strength Podcast with Firefighter Dani Devos

Finding Strength Podcast with Officer Andrew Fegan

Finding Strength Podcast with Chris and Julie Verkerk

East Idaho News Article

News 8 Story