For many years I had struggled with extreme depression and thoughts of wanting to end my life due to extreme trauma as a child. I felt hopeless and like my life was never going to change, then I met Matt. Working with Matt has provided me a healing path and the ability to answer questions I needed to answer. Matt is passionate, kind, and educated. He helped me walk through my trauma and come out on the other side a better, brighter, healthier, and happier person.  He is exactly what I needed to help change my life. I could never repay Matt for what he has taught me. – CB

I was introduced to Matt a little over a year ago in an inpatient setting. I have had a history of substance abuse and was personally well aware of that but had relapsed and was left wondering why, since I had so much “self knowledge”. What I wasn’t aware of was my trauma and how it has played such an enormous role in my life.  After graduating from the facility I sought out two different therapists seeking the type of engaging, trauma therapy that I that I had received in Utah but it just wasn’t the same. Talk therapy is a wonderful thing, and for me it just isn’t enough. I wanted more so I reached out to Matt. We meet regularly through online teletherapy and I am super grateful! Matt can push, be empathetic, is unmistakably genuine, and in your face! I love it. – JP

I have worked with many therapists in the past. I have tried over and over to deal with my anxiety. One session with Matt and everything changed. I kid you not, he changed my life in an hour. All these years I’ve met with therapists who have listened to me, but it took Matt to push me to see that my problem wasn’t my anxiety it was my story, my trauma. I feel stronger and healthier, it’s incredible how much I enjoy my life now. Matt and I meet every week and I couldn’t be more grateful that I am now able to move forward leaving my trauma in the past, where it belongs. – MJ

Matt and his team saved my life.  He teed up the possibilities for repair in my marriage.  Both of those leave me greatly indebted. My wife and I are working day by day, session by session with Gottman therapy, and individually. Matt showed me that it is my choice to allow some more time/space to find happiness in my own life. The day before our anniversary we are jumping out of a plane together.  If we survive that, along with the anxiety of jumping from a perfectly good plane we figure that the rest is much simpler. I can’t thank him enough for all of his tough love, support, and encouragement. – CO

I started working with Matt a year ago to find a new approach to emergency responder mental health.  Matt has an amazing approach and perspective to helping first responders.  Matt is a kind and sincere individual, and in my opinion an ideal therapist.  I have also been incredibly impressed by his drive to always improve his skills and knowledge. Matt is not only knowledgeable, he is always willing to share his knowledge and ideologies with regards to emergency services mental health.  Matt always brings passion to our meetings and has a way of bringing individuals together for a common good.  – Chief Jeremy Craft, Lehi Fire

I have had the great privilege of working closely with Matt for several years. In this time I was able to witness first had the phenomenal clinician he is and the amazing impact he has on the individuals he works with. Matt is dedicated to supporting people in finding their true selves and stepping into their meaning and purpose.  He is not afraid to explore the deep spaces that need to be explored for true healing and growth to occur.  He is a strong, resilient support that any client can rely on. I would trust referring my own loved ones to him and know they would get the care they need. Matt is, hands down, one of the best clinicians I know. – Alisa Sanford, LCSW